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G G S Program Overview
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Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (GEMS) & Guys In Science and Engineering (GISE):

Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (GEMS) & Guys In Science and Engineering (GISE):
GEMS and GISE are afterschool and summer school STEM programs designed specifically for girls and boys grades K – 8th in the Minneapolis Public School District. The programs focus on explorations of science and mathematics through project-based and problem-based learning experiences promoting the integration of engineering and technology concepts, content, and process.
Students that participate in GEMS-GISE enroll in a year-long afterschool program that is comprised of two semester courses with an opportunity to continue learning in the six week summer K-8 STEM Academy.

Fall 2019- Robotics

In this exciting robotics class students learn mechanical design, construction, programming, and teamwork skills. In pairs, using LEGO    building elements, motors, and sensors, students build different robot prototypes and program them with a computer to move, react, and make sounds. Students will utilize their prototypes and programming to solve design challenges using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotic System or the Lego EV3 Robotic System. Students will participate in the 2020 Robotics FIRST Lego League Challenge: CITY SHAPERSSM. The students identify a physical or social problem faced by cities and towns like transportation, accessibility, and even natural disasters. The culminating event for this class is the STEM-GEMS-GISE Robotics Exhibition & Minneapolis FLL Regional Robotics Tournament on January 25, 2020.


Spring 2020 – STEM in Speed (CO2 Balsa Wood Dragsters and Challenge Racers)

Explore Science and Engineering! In these engaging and investigative classes students are immersed in the fundamentals of force, motion, and engineering in an interactive problem-based approach. Working in small teams and pairs, students solve a series of complex problems designing, constructing and testing several vehicle designs. Students explore a variety of forces that affect the motion and speed of the cars they design. (mass, thrust, friction, drag, ect.) GEMS and GISE students conduct hands-on investigations that examine the design of a variety of racers and the related propulsion systems. Students will design their own racer prototype to test and modify for increased performance. Racer designs include downhill racers, sail racers, balloon buggies, rubber band racers, air pressure racers, solar powered designs, and CO2 balsa wood dragsters.

Students learn through exciting, project-based engineering activities designing, constructing, testing, and troubleshooting as they work toward their final car and the  time trials. The culminating event for this class will be the K-8 GEMS-GISE STEM in Speed CO2 Racers Tournament & Design Challenge Racers on May 2, 2020.