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Co-Curricular Funding for Schools
In This Section

Co-Curricular Funding for Schools

How it Works

How it works:

  •     Both forms must be completed and submitted before the reallocation is done.
  •     You will get one lump sum amount
  •     Reallocate funds into the appropriate GL within your budget.

Once a form is completed Student Engagement staff will:

  •      Review the request and ensure all required information is provided;
  •      Funds will be transferred within 5 business days along with confirmation email to finance staff

Spending the Funds:

  •      Schools will only be given the funds designated (for example if your school gets $9000 you can request funds up to $9000);
  •      Include and consider staffing, fringe, and supplies/transportation within the amount you are requesting and designated;  
  •      Please remember fringe is 20% for extended time;
  •      The school is responsible for reallocating funds as needed (for staffing, fringe, and supplies/transportation) and in accordance with the requests that have been approved by the principal.