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Co-Curricular Funding for Schools
In This Section

Co-Curricular Funding for Schools

Co-Curricular Funding for Schools
What You Need To Know for the 2020-2021 School Year

Funding amount schools receive each year is based on the number of students in ALL of Minneapolis Public Schools. The co-curricular budget remains the same each year, but funds are allocated based on the number of K-5, 6-8, or 9-12 students at each site.

How it Works

1.       Complete the FY21 Budgeting Form (located at TOP of page). Form should then be approved by building administration via FY21 Co-curricular Contact and Admin Approval Form.

2.       Funding request form MUST be completed for the entire budget. Be as specific as possible. If you need to make changes please email me and I will make corrections on your form. (Example: Not enough students to run Latino Club so funds will be used to pay an advisor for a different club)

3.      Schools complete FY21 Co-curricular Expense Report to confirm how funds were utilized. This form should be completed AFTER the activity begins (student rosters are required), OR after the expense has been processed (supplies, transportation, admission fees etc.) Failing to complete this reporting could affect funding for 2020-2021 school year. 


Guidelines for Co-Curricular Funding Use


-          Co-curricular definition: school sponsored and directed activities, programs, and learning experiences designed to provide opportunities for students to participate on an individual or group basis in school and public events for the improvement of skills (Policy 5560 A)

-          Co-curricular funding are public funds

o   They are to be spent in accordance with any MPS spending policies (Expenditure Policies)

-          The safest way to utilize co-curricular is during out-of-school time programming/activities. Staff cannot be paid with co-curricular monies for activities that take place during paid parts of their duty day or when they are working and being paid through another funding source (ALC, Community Ed, Beacons etc.).

§  PLEASE consult and collaborate with programs already occurring at your site: Community Education, Beacons, ALC etc.: http://youth.mpls.k12.mn.us/asap_2

o   Clubs (student government, History Day, math competition, chess, yearbook, robotics (CTE and STEM programs), extra-curricular activities, etc.)

o   Materials/supplies that support co-curricular activities

o   Compensation for staff time advising outside regular school day hours or unpaid time during the day: **staff must be paid in accordance with union/MPS HR policies**



-          Activities with NO school oversight

-          Parent organized clubs/activities (PTA, PTO, etc.)

-          Community Partner facilitated activities