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We Want You Back (WWYB)
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We Want You Back
We Want You Back

What is the We Want You Back Program?


We Want You Back (WWYB) provides support services to students who did not receive or are at risk for not receiving their high school diploma.  


 Who does the We Want You Back Program work with?    


1.      Credit Ready GRAD/BST.  Students who have received all of their high school credits from a Minneapolis Public School  but did not pass one or more state test in Reading, Writing and/or Math. WWYB can offer a Alternate Path to satify these requirements


2.       Students under the age of 21 who are disengaged from school.

      a.  WWYB collects educational records and completes an analysis of credits.

      b.  WWYB assists with a school placement based on the student’s credit status.


3.       Students over the age of 21 who disengaged from school.

a.       WWYB assists students with identifying an Adult Basic Education program – GED or Adult Diploma in their area.  


If you or someone you know are considering returning to MPS to complete your high school diploma please call We Want You Back to explore the educational options.

















If you earned all your credits but need to pass the state test, WE CAN HELP