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Co-Curricular Funding for Schools
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Co-Curricular Funding for Schools
Guidelines for Co-Curricular Funding Use


  • Co-curricular definition: school sponsored and directed activities, programs and learning experiences that enhance what students are learning in school
  • Co-curricular funding are public funds
    • They are to be spent in accordance with any MPS funding policies
  • The safest way to utilize co-curricular is during out-of-school time programming/activities (PLEASE feel free to consult with programs already occurring at your site: Community Education, Beacons, ALC etc.)
    • Clubs (student government, History Day, math competition, chess, yearbook, robotics (CTE and STEM programs), social clubs, etc.)
    • Materials/supplies that support co-curricular activities
    • Compensation for staff time advising outside regular school day hours: **staff must be paid in accordance with union/MPS HR policies** 


  • Activities with NO school oversight
  • Parent organized clubs/activities (PTA, PTO, etc.)
  • Community Partner facilitated activities