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CityWide Student Leadership Redesign
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City Wide Student Leadership Redesign Project
City Wide Student Leadership Redesign Project
Student Government Redesign

How Might We Re-Imagine Student Leadership (and Student Government) to be More Equitable, Accessible & Effective for Scholars in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Public Schools seeks to redesign a student government model that will improve the experience of scholars in Minneapolis. In 2016, Minneapolis Public Schools plans to align CityWide student government/leadership efforts to the Acceleration 2020 strategic plan. In order to guarantee innovative results, this project features a highly creative student centered approach. Using a partnership model and Design Thinking methodologies, Minneapolis Public Schools engaged 3 unique teams of carefully curated designers.

Over the course of 3 sessions from October to November 2015, design teams developed and workshoped new student government prototype models that address current CityWide student government challenges. These models were designed to improve outcomes for scholars and create a consistent student government program across Minneapolis Public Schools.

View the report for the latest on City-wide Redesign Project



PDF Citywide ReDesign Report   --  Report about what was created out of the redesign effort.