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G G S Academic Partnerships and Collaborative Projects
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Academic Partnerships and Collaborative Projects
Academic Partnerships and Collaborative Projects


Augsburg College

ª  K-8 Summer STEM Academy for GEMS and GISE students at Augsburg College

ª  Augsburg Mentors for the Summer Program have been expanded to include mentoring students for GEMS and GISE through-out the school year working in collaboration with Minneapolis Public School teachers.

St. Catherine’s University

ª  STEM Certification Program designed for the STEM-GEMS-GISE Teacher Cohort.

ª  St. Catherine’s pre-service teachers with STEM Certification Course completion as Mentors working with Minneapolis Public Schools for the STEMS-GEMS-GISE after-school program.


University of Minnesota

ª  Office of NASA Space Grant – High Altitude Ballooning 4-8 Curriculum Project Collaborative.

ª  Center for Distributive Robotics – Technology Summer Camp Project

ª  School of Dentistry – Building Bridges to Career in Dentistry – Recruitment Collaborative


High Tech Kids

ª  First Lego League Robotics Professional Development.

ª  Lego League Minneapolis Regional Tournament Collaboration.

ª  Engineers mentoring GE MS and GISE students at program sites in robotics.


NASA Glenn Research Center /NASA Summer of Innovation Project

ª  Professional development in aeronautics, robotics, engineering process, NASA design challenges, remote sensing, and related math applications.

ª  Extension activities throughout the year include NASA Engineers, Scientists, and Educators participating in the GEMS/GISE Fall and Spring culminating events.

ª  Students present design challenge solutions to NASA Scientists, Engineers, and Content Specialists.

Bell Museum

ª  Professional development and curriculum development for Field Biology.

ª  Field experiences provided through the Bell Museum and Cedar Creek Nature Center.